Logistic and forwarding system for OS Logistic company


In search of an advantage

OS Logistics, a company from a difficult and extremely competitive logistics industry, contacted us in order to gain a technological advantage over the market.


The company's management decided to distinguish in the market with a modern system for forwarding and logistics processes. We were asked to prepare a solution that would meet this goal.


When we started our cooperation, we agreed with the client that the goal of our activities is to create a system that:

  • allows to manage the forwarding process - from the moment of generating the offer, through the execution of the contract to the invoice
  • is intuitive - i.e. it is convenient to use and does not require a long time of learning how to use it
  • detects and minimizes the number of errors made in the whole process
  • improves communication between the company's staff and its contractors and clients


1 / cooperation model


A common goal, a common work


From the very beginning, we have assumed that we define the concept of cooperation as the result of joint efforts to achieve the set goal.


The fact that the client has accepted the role of an active participant in this process, whose expectations will evolve during the project, and the substantive comments and guidelines will bring the project closer to meeting the project objectives, allowed us to model the cooperation based on the agile method.


A dedicated team consisting of the following members has been assigned to the project:

  • back-end developers,
  • front-end developers,
  • UX specialists

The entire project has been divided into stages (sprints), where the functionality of the system has been iteratively created and expanded.

2 / first steps


Alpha version


First of all, we have prepared for the client a system equipped with general functions defined in the assumptions of the project, allowing for improved communication and management of the company's processes.

3 / agile


Next iterations


The use of Agile methods in the project allowed for the ongoing verification of previous assumptions and identification of new needs and possibilities, thanks to which each iteration allowed for the extension of the functionality and its better adaptation to the company's processes and user requirements.


4 / comprehensive system


One step ahead

This feedback not only allowed us to avoid errors, but also led to a methodical update of the system by enriching it with new operating modules.

The last element of the basic version of the project was to make it available (with limited access) to contractors and partners of the company (i.e. customs agencies, carriers, ship owners, etc). For this purpose, dedicated modules have been prepared for each of these groups of contractors.

As a result, OS4B has become a dynamic, modern system, improving the company's processes, constantly adapting to the current needs in the industry and going beyond the standard methods of managing forwarding processes.

"Cooperation with Evostudio went smoothly, and the product itself grew and evolved with changing needs. As a result, we received a professional, individualised, advanced and at the same time intuitive product optimising the processes in our company."
Adrian Sawicki,
Chairman of the Board OS Logistics Sp. z o.o.

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