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In July 2016, club owners came to us for help in the field of digital marketing for the Gdańsk B90 club, entrusting us with the care of two related brands: the B90 itself and the site dedicated to alternative music - soundrive.pl.


It should be noted that we have been cooperating with the club since 2014, when we created a dedicated ticket sales service - www.tickets.soundrive.pl.

Based on the analysis and discussion with the client, we have defined the following marketing objectives:

  • increase overall ticket sales;
  • increase the share of ticket sales in a dedicated ticket system (www.tickets.soundrive.pl)
  • increase the range of content published on the fanpage and user involvement
  • increase the reachability of content published on the soundrive.pl portal

1/ unification of materials


The Social Network


One of the first actions taken by us was to conduct a detailed analysis of the target groups of the brand as well as the advertising activities undertaken so far


As a result of such an audit, we decided to significantly reduce the budgets of Google Adwords ads used in paid social campaigns, considering them to be ineffective and to relocate the budget for Facebook Ads. This action turned out to be a great success - Facebook turned out to be a much better marketing channel to attract customers from the event's target group.


Then, the broadly-targeted FB Ads advertising has been detailed in terms of interests and we have diversified the type of advertising, as well as connected remarketing tools. After six months, marketing activities were mostly based on custom audiences and return advertising.


2 / customer service


You have a message

At the same time, we've been focusing on increasing the club's commitment to solving customer problems on Facebook.


An efficient customer service was to reduce the distance between the customer and the brand and improve (already very good!) the image of the club. We have invested in almost 24-hour message handling. The results were appreciated in the form of high positions in subsequent SoTrender rankings.

3 / communication strategy


Less is more


We have limited the number of posts to a maximum of two per day on the main profile, as well as the share of posts with a link to dedicated graphics and videos.


We started to give more content to the club's event websites - the content concerning particular events, not filtered by the EdgeRank algorithm and presented to a strict target group, was supposed to increase their relevance for the recipients. The way of communication also changed - the new style of copywriting assumed concise communication enriched with emotional charge and engaging questions. In addition, we have limited ourselves to promoting a single ticket system (tickets.soundrive.pl).

4 / soundrive.pl websites


The new soundrive.pl


For soundrive.pl we have created from scratch a new website, graphically styled as a black and white newspaper.


Improving the information architecture, changing the source code language and adding responsiveness resulted in an increase in the number of visits to the website, and most of all, increased the average time spent by the user on the website.

Effects of our actions


The first noticeable effect of the actions was a rapid increase in profile likes and reactions to the posts, as well as a good attendance at the first concerts promoted together.


Finally, the organic reach of the posts increased by more than 100% over the course of 18 months, and the number of profile fans increased by more than 1/3. Already in the first months of our activity, we managed to convert sales into dedicated tickets system for the client. After six months of operations, about 85% of all tickets were sold through tickets.soundrive.pl.
However, the most effective growth (which should not be said ;)) was achieved at the level of overall ticket sales.

+ 100%

Range of organic posts

+ 33%

Number of proile fans


Range of organic posts

+ 120%

Ticket sales in own ticketing system

Jarosław Kowal

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