One of the main areas of activity of Evostudio is realisation of applications and systems that optimise business processes, support resource management, facilitate communication and data exchange. We create dedicated solutions strictly tailored to the needs of our clients. The range of out offer consists of the following services:


Analysis and optimisation of
business processes

Realization of solutions that increase the effectiveness of processes and also new versions of Client’s software, which is necessary from the operational point of view but is not further developed or the supplier of the solution is no longer present on the market but, at the same time, which is technologically inadequate for current needs. In such cases, an analysis of the current solution, processes realization and data structure is conducted. On this basis, a new system or new version of an application, compatible with the previous one, is made, while taking into consideration additional Cleint’s needs which can improve the product.


Software development

Dedicated applications and systems supporting business processes, such as:

  • logistics-shipping process management systems
  • manufacturing process management systems
  • company resources management systems
  • customer relationship management systems
  • contents management systems


Professionals for hire

Realization of commissioned programming tasks, both whole projects and their parts. This allows for a reduction in costs of software development and to quickly obtain high quality specialists with great experience. It allows for flexible management of needed resources for specific needs.


Depending on the projects and needs of our Clients, we adjust the form of cooperation to the outlined requirements, helping to complete the projects, ranging from analysis through software development, to post-implementation support.

Team leasing

Creating and providing a well-knit team of programmers, who have the required competences, at the Client’s disposal. Such a team can be delegated to work at the Client’s office but can also perform the work at our headquarters.


Consulting services

Consulting in the area of creating and implementing IT strategies, among others:

  • business processes analysis
  • optimisation of business processes
  • conducting a functional analysis
  • conducting a technical analysis
  • modelling of efficiency increasing processes
  • gathering requirements for a planned IT system
  • support in solution choice
  • technology selection


Start-up support

Help for start-ups in the area of IT solutions:

  • analysis of needs and specifying targets
  • help in setting IT development directions
  • software development
  • support within dynamic development and needs redefinition conditions


IT services

  • servers administration
  • computer networks administration
  • databases administration
  • user support (helpdesk)
  • IT infrastructure planning and development
  • designing and building LAN/WAN IT networks
  • hardware problems solving


User interface design

Services connected with designing ergonomic and esthetical user interfaces for our Client’s applications. This offer is directed mainly towards programming companies that do not have their own design teams.

  • developing ergonomic user interfaces in accordance
    with the newest trends in design
  • designing information architecture
  • designing navigation structure
  • preparation of working prototypes
  • responsive web design (RWD)
  • user experience analysis


Data processing and exchange

Proper data exchange between applications and correct processing and sharing are the basis of all IT systems. We offer services supporting those processes, from the analysis to the proper and professional implementation.


Creating dedicated tools for integrating systems, data exchange and cooperation between systems, conducting B2B integration. The whole procedure is preceded by a thorough analysis of the data structure and the necessary functions.


Realization of solutions enabling for migration of data between systems, analysis of existing data structures and dependencies between data, on the basis of which a proper strategy and dedicated tools are developed.

Data processing and visualisation

Creating tools for processing, aggregation, analysing and visualisation of data sets.


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