Your company has a fanpage on Facebook? The grocery store of Mr. Smith living next door has one too.
If you think that Mr. Smith does a good job in conducting communication through Social Media, ask him to run your fanpage too.
But if you believe that Social Media is more than just Facebook and the presence of your company in a multi-channel Internet community can be something more than just a calling card, send us a word.
Because we think the same.

„God forgives and forgets
but the Web never does!”

- Viviane Reding, Vice-President of the European Commission, responsible for Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship


A person logged onto Facebook surreptitiously looks at photos of his first love noticing, with satisfaction, that she has put on much weight since their last meeting.

Someone sends sarcastic tweets addressed to one of the ministers currently in office, adjusting his though to the 140 sings limit with great reverence; she puts on a colour enhancing filter on a photo of her dinner on Instagram, adding #fitdiet #newme hashtags to the posts; looks closely at subsequent images on Pinterest,

looking for her dream sofa which will fit perfectly with her new carpet, which she bought just a few days ago on a bargain at eBay, or sends a 10 second Snap straight from Rihanna’s loud concert, labelled with a happy emoticon and a line reading: “Remember, there’s no tomorrow!!!”.


There are thousands of possibilities but only one thing is certain:

Your client is in currently Online.

Wherever he or she is – at home or at work, travelling or no a holiday, most of the time they have a PC, a tablet or a smartphone with them – the most mobile connection with the community which they cannot or don’t what to live without.

No one doubts the power of social media. Companies want to be present there, and their clients want them to be present. As an agency we believe that the phrase popular a few years ago stating “In our line of business we don’t need Facebook” is replaced by questions: “Can you create us a profile on Instagram?” and “How much do you charge for running Snapchat?”.


Our experience

Since 2012 Evostudio conducts services of running profiles in Social Media for our clients. We can create a client’s profile from the ground up and bring about quick, organic growth, but we can also take care of an existing account suffering from a decrease of range. The possibilities given by our own photo studio, graphic, programming and filmmaking base allow us an almost limitless freedom in creating engaging content including graphics, videos and applications. Our efforts were mentioned many times in trade press and the level of satisfaction of our clients is the best indicator of the quality of our work.

You don’t know how to make you profile noticable in Social Media?


We will help you!


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