SEO and content


Action connected with SEO are aimed at optimising Internet sites for search engines, specifically for the most popular one – Google, so that the modified website…

…is presented as high as possible in the search results for a given keyword which will, in turn, make the users visit the site more often.


How we work?

Our specialists make all the changes connected with modification of the website’s content concerning phrases which a given company wants to use in the marketing campaign and adjusting its source code, which influences the website’s indexing and classification in search engines. We also:

  • Optimise the headers architecture,
  • Fill the contents of the website with key phrases,
  • Prepare groups of proper key phrases,
  • Increase the website’s fluidity and speed,
  • Design an architecture of links to the website,
  • Optimise the website’s map.

Because of the ability to measure its effects, SEO should be an essential part of Content Marketing which effectively increases the popularity of the promoted website and positively influences the company’s image.


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