We create software that solves business problems.

We are a team of experienced software engineers, Project Managers, IT specialists and UX designers which, driven by passion for creativity and new technologies, delivers effective solutions for businesses.


Who are we?

We are a multidisciplinary team composed of programmers, analysts, IT specialists and UX designers. Thanks to our rich experiences we can solve problems efficiently, optimise processes and deliver effective solutions for businesses.

We do a detailed analysis of the situation and needs of our Clients, which allows us to adjust the direction of actions by integrating processes’ analysis, software engineering, strategy and user experience in such a way, that the final products we deliver effectively perform their dedicated tasks and are both ergonomic and ecstatically pleasing.

Meeting the set goals is possible through cooperation of our four departments, comprising of people which are highly experienced professionals in their respected fields. Each project team, that works on individual solutions, comprises of people from these departments, thanks to which the projects created are conducted in a professional and refined way. Each member of a team has a precisely defined role, in accordance with his/her qualifications.



The technology of realized applications is chosen individually, depending to the requirements of a project. Our work concentrates mainly on the following solutions:

Web applications

Solutions run on a server, where user interface is realised using a web browser and does not require installation on workstations. They are realized using Responsive Web Design (RWD) allowing for adaptive display of content depending on the device’s screen resolution. Those systems are created on the basis of an MVC template, using mainly ASP.NET MVC (C#) and Laravel (PHP) technology.

Network services

Applications with a programmer’s interface allowing for data exchange between servers (web services) used, i.e. while conducting integration between systems, developing client-server applications, sharing data in a specified format, etc. These are mainly created using ASP.NET Web API and WCF technology.

Mobile applications

Solutions designed for mobile devices working on Android and Windows Phone

Desktop applications

Applications designed to be run on computers using a Windows operating system.


Model of cooperation

We offer two models of cooperation when realizing a project:

Fixed price

In this model the price of realizing a project is determined at the beginning of cooperation. It is a fixed price which encompasses delivering a product that fulfils basic requirements while meeting specific outlines.

Time & Material

In this model remuneration is calculated on the basis of the mount of time that has been used to work on a project and the hourly or daily rate defined.


How we work?

Each project is unique and enquires an individual approach. Yet there are several steps that are present in the majority of conducted projects. These are:

Cost analysis
Client’s vision

The Client present to us his vision, sets the goals, which he wants to achieve. At this stage we try go get to know as much as possible about the planned solution, the requirements set and the Client’s needs.

Initial analysis and cost estimation

After receiving the information from the Client about his needs and the planned project an initial analysis of the problem is conducted, the primary outlines and ways of realising them are set and the estimated cost of realizing the project is determined.

Setting the cooperation rules

On the basis of the conducted analysis, rules of cooperation with the Client are made. The remuneration model is chosen, the scope of work and costs are specified and the procedure of making changes is discussed.

Choosing the technology

The next step is the choice of the most suitable technology and tools with which the project will be realised. At this stage, on the basis of our knowledge and experience, we advise the Client about the use of technology which will be most suitable for the realisation of the planned project.

Creating a team

On the basis of the requirements of the project and the technology chosen, a team is created, which will be assigned to the realisation of the planned solution. Such a team composes of programmers, IT specialists and user interface and UX designers.

Project realisation

The projects are done in accordance to the rules of cooperation. The realization of software is presided by an in depth technical analysis and designing of an ergonomic and flexible user interface. Next the software development work is being done, in accordance with the set rules of cooperation, the adopted schedule and set goals. Before delivering the final product to the Client (of its individual stages) a verification of implementation correctness is conducted in a specially prepared test environment.


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