Photography taken appropriately awakens the desired emotions in viewers, acting much more effectively than text. Images are easier to pick up and remember for a longer time.


Photography offer

We have our own professional photo studio in which experience photographers make:

Product photography

for Internet stores, products catalogues / packshots.

Close-up and macro photography
Lifestyle photography

for marketing campaigns

People photography

for marketing campaigns, company websites, printed commercial materials


Product photography

The aim of product photography is the best and most detailed presentation of the sold products. Such photos are mainly used in Internet stores or galleries, where the company’s offer is presented. A well made product display photography greatly increases the product’s sales.


Professional studio

We have professional photographic equipment. We use a 360° rotating platform, different types of lenses, backgrounds, shadowless light tents and studio lamps.

We also offer:
  • indoor photography (companies, shops, restaurants, other objects)
  • outdoor photography (e.g. tourist facilities – presenting the surroundings, for developers building new apartments, etc.)


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