The notion of Content Marketing is understood as a strategy of marketing actions, which includes creation of valuable content, its publication and distribution to a predefined target group of clients.

The main tasks of the Content Marketing is to elicit proper reactions from the recipients of the content and to generate meaningful gains for the brand using different types of medium, such as text, visuals or multimedia.


Creating a lasting relationships

Through proper Content Marketing, a company is able to create an authentic bond and conduct fluid communication with chosen consumers which, in the future, results in true engagement of the communication’s recipients by providing them with important content within the scope of their interests and preferences.


What is Content Marketing?

Creation of Content Marketing is understood by many specialists as a technique of recognizing and understanding the needs of a given target group and then efficiently satisfying those needs. Valuable Content Marketing solves people’s problems and answers important questions which leads to fulfilling an important role in a consumer’s life. More often than not, education and changes of social habits are non-trivial aspects of this process.


Areas and tools of
Content Marketing

The most recent research shows that Content Marketers spend most of their time strengthening a company’s presence in Social Medial.

The second most popular trend is publishing thematic articles on Internet sites connected directly with the types of goods offered by a given company. Moreover, Content Marketing focuses also on creating tailored newsletters and running blogs with similar themes.

In the area of multimedia tools, webcasts are among the most popular. They encompass production and transmission of presentations filled with video, sound and text materials and also videos shared on e.g. Youtube.


Benefits of Content Marketing

Capability of increasing the frequency and number of visits on the company’s website.

Capability of increasing the potential reach to new target groups by publishing valuable articles on e.g. internet forums.

Gaining access to a quick and stable communication channel with chosen consumers through Social Medial and gaining valuable information from them.

Capability of easier and more effective positioning of the company’s website in search engines such as Google.

Capability of creating an information path in the Internet thanks to which the users will find their way to the company’s website through other sources, e.g. Wikipedia.

Capability of broadening the databases by encouraging consumers to subscribe to a newsletter.

Capability of increasing sales of offered goods through increased clients’ trust gained with many positive opinions and articles in the web.


Content Marketing
in Evostudio

Our company employs a team of specialists responsible for Content Marketing, which is capable of creating a coherent and effective strategy of marketing activities for all kinds of companies.

Starting with copywriters, who create valuable and professional texts promoting a company, through photographers, filmmakers and finally specialists in the field of Social Media and SEO.

The type of services, intensity of actions and the degree of engagement depends only on the preferences of our client. We strive to ensure the highest quality of our services and individual approach to each of our partners.


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