The beginnings of Polish e-commerce date back to the second half of 1990s. It was then when first online stores in Poland were being created. Since than more the 20 years have passed.

Online shopping is done by more than a half of all Internet users and the number of online store is estimated at 22 000 – and is still growing rapidly. The fight for potential clients between online store is getting more difficult each year, because of the growing competition and the decreasing loyalty of the clients.


Designing a coherent visual identification

Visual identification is the basis of creating a company’s image, thanks to which we consequently build up recognition of our brand within the target group, right from the very beginning of the online store’s existence. The team of graphic designers at Evostudio, after familiarising with the specifics of a given store, creates proposals for a logo and company colours. After client’s acceptance, a key visual is created, which is used in all advertising activities.


Creating unique product descriptions

Usually stores take product descriptions from the suppliers of individual brands. The same descriptions can be found in almost every e-store which sells a given product. If a store wants to stand out from the competition and achieve higher position in Google search engine, it cannot allow itself to copy descriptions. Our copywriters will create unique ones, based on the information given, which will highlight the pros of the products and encourage potential buyers.


Making 360° product photos

When buying on the Internet we do not see the products, we cannot touch, smell or taste them. Therefore it is extremely important to make the best possible photos of the things we sell, so the client can feel as if he or she was in a traditional shop, where each item it at an arms length. Our photographers work both in and outside of our studio. Photo session done by us improve sales and clients’ perception of the store.



    Making product videos

    Not everything can be shown using photos. When products are more complex and have many functions, it is worth presenting the products in a short video.

    Popularity of video materials is increasing. Internet users will be more interested in watching a video that to read a manual several pages long. We make different kinds of product videos. Some present a detailed look of a product, other show how a product functions.


    SEO optimisation

    Before making an optimisation, SEO specialists conduct a market and competition analysis in the area of keywords chosen together with the client. Next they prepare a store in such a way that the words chosen produce high results in the most popular search engines.


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