All the decisions connected with individual actions from the area of promoting a company in the Internet, and made by our team, are preceded by a detailed data analysis.

It is aimed at reducing the risks arising from making bad decisions and also to obtain additional information about our chances of success. It also allows for gaining information which let us identify consumers’ needs and interests, so that our specialist department can adjust the actions that increase the recognition of a given company and promotion of goods and services offered.

Brand24 Brand monitoring in real time

One of the key tools regularly used by our Internet and Social Media monitoring team is Brand24. This program allows us to locate areas in which the tiniest mention of a given company, product or competition was made. Brand24 is used by us as a source of analysis and reports which provide comprehensive knowledge about consumers potentially interested in a given company.

The tool allows us to observe their actions, opinions and also trends connected with them. Its aim is to ease communication with a chosen target group and can result in increased sales and reinforced image of a company, a product or a service.

Senuto Real time monitoring

To position websites in the web we use the help of Senuto. This tools delivers comprehensive information about the visibility in search results of Google and other search engines. Thanks to this each website owner will know how may keywords are needed for his website to show in the search engine, what are those words and what is their potential.

With the SEO audit function in Senuto we can quickly find out about the degree of the company’s website adjustment to the standards of the search engines.

Google analytics Real time position monitoring

A similarly useful tool is Google Analytics. It allows for in depth analysis of movement on the website. This give us information about who visits the website and where is he/she from, what subpages interest him/her the most, what changes on the subpages should be made for them to be more visible, where to locate the majority of the links to the page to increase the number of visits. All these actions are meant to optimise marketing actions..

After concluding a marketing campaign, we always conduct an analysis that sums up the results achieved, which are compared to the goals set at the beginning of our cooperation. Thanks to this analysis, we can evaluate the effectiveness of our actions and discuss a possible change in our approach.


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